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Re: [Fwd: Fedora 12 Installer Experience]

What we're doing now is, effectively, recommending and defaulting to checking.
What you're suggesting is *hiding* it.  We want users to check every disc,
every time.  It causes them to file fewer bugs.

you must also care of what users want. i see no reason to check the media if everything works fine. and, imho, "everything works fine" should be the default. it is also true that lately, more and more, the users who want to see it working have to pass various options to grub, like selinux=0 and nomodeset. i believe that the media check should be suggested when something goes wrong, and not otherwise.

not many users report bugs and forcing media check on all users will not help with that. maybe a message at grub like "before reporting any bugs please choose 'media check' in the grub menu" will be more helpful.

yes, forcing media check will reduce a little bit the number of NOTAbugs, but the price on fedora user base may be huge.

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