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Re: [PATCH] Move libcurl initialization to urlinstTransfer() (#537870).

> Recent trees have been giving errors when we get to the stage2 download
> point, such as this one:
>     Unable to retrieve http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/development/x86_64/os//images/install.img.
> libcurl needs to be initialized inside urlinstTransfer() so it has the
> latest network state for the system.  The above error is caused by old
> DNS settings.  libcurl won't automatically do a res_init(), so we need
> to set up a new curl instance and use that.
> Since this patch moves curl usage to be exclusively within
> urlinstTransfer(), move 'curl' to that function as well and remove it
> from loaderData.

That's too bad, but okay.  At least we know what's going on.

>      /* Clear out all the old settings, since libcurl preserves them for as
>       * long as you use the same handle and settings might have changed.
>       */
> -    curl_easy_reset(loaderData->curl);
> +    curl_easy_reset(curl);

We shouldn't need to call curl_easy_reset since we're getting rid of the
handle at the end of every call to urlinstTransfer, right?

- Chris

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