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Re: PATCH fix 510970, 529551, 530541

> How about something like MIN_GUI_RAM > memAvailable? Nothing is really
> using that function now, it returns memory less what is used by /tmp.
> That would do away with the hard-coding, and scale into the future. The
> only variable going forward would be the size of install.img

I *think* this is okay, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself of
this.  I suppose what would really convince me is seeing how this works
in practice on a variety of machines with different amounts of memory.

> You have that now with a difference between http/ftp/hd and media
> installs when you test iutil.memInstalled() < isys.MIN_GUI_RAM with out
> taking into account what might be in /tmp, maybe that should be using
> memAvailable? 

I don't think we want to do that.  I assume you're talking about
anaconda:385.  If we change memInstalled to memAvailable there, what
we're really saying is that the amount of memory required to run in
graphical mode is MIN_GUI_RAM+sizeof(/tmp/install.img).  And in that
case, we're better off just bumping MIN_GUI_RAM.

- Chris

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