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Re: Fedora 12 kickstart and proxy

> Hi - Is it correct that proxy support is currently broken in F12 kickstart?
> I've tried --proxy on repo and install options and they are not recognised. 
> It would be nice if the documentation was correct.

It's not broken in F12 - support simply doesn't exist.

Are you referring to the documentation on the wiki?  If so, that tracks
rawhide, which does support the proxy options.

> Is there any way to get proxy support?


> Is this fixed in rawhide and is it possible to install F12 with a rawhide 
> anaconda?

Yes, and perhaps - but you might be setting yourself up for greater
problems.  Rawhide anaconda is likely to have other bugs that haven't
gotten testing and fixing yet.

> I also see that there is no chvt in the netboot installation image. Didn't 
> this used to be there? It would be nice to print out errors in the %pre 
> section.

It can be added back if it needs to be.

- Chris

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