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Re: Packages needed in install.img

Yes, the fonts were the first thing that came to my mind too, I hope some of them can be removed, also maybe some icons/themes.


  Martin Gracik

----- clumens redhat com wrote:

> > Yeah, that's a problem.  Then it seems to me the way forward is to
> > decrease the number of libraries.
> I meant "decrease the number of binaries" here.
> As a start, we should check whether all these fonts are still
> required.
> They're pretty large, and the fonts seem to change weekly.  We're
> certainly to have some outdated ones still getting pulled in.
> Also, mtools.  It appears to still be needed for running certain
> things
> in syslinux, but I don't think we run any of that stuff during
> installation - only during the scripts.  Not huge, but it can
> probably
> die.
> - Chris
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