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Re: Packages needed in install.img

> So here's the filelist of excessive files sorted by size http://mgracik.fedorapeople.org/filelist_by_size.txt

It is customary to say "descending size (largest first)",
and to include the numerical size to the left of each filename.
(The general rule is that pathnames and other fields with larger
variation in width should go towards the right-hand side because
this tends to avoid large gaps of whitespace [or 'leader' characters]
when columns are aligned.)  Including the size allows for some
quantitative understanding.

Then there is the problem of hard links, such as
etc.  The space for these is not additive.  It is good to know
the multiple names which claim [the same] space, but it would be
nice to known which are additive and which are not.

Why is 'sendmail' required in an install image?

On a complete install DVD, about 1/3 of the space (over 1GB out of 3.2GB)
is due to language support.  When I make private DVDs for testing,
then I comment-out all the "@<language>" lines in the /usr/share/pugni/*.ks file.
The result is a DVD of slightly more than 2 GB.  (I did not yet
remove those fonts which are language-specific and "no longer needed.")
I know that it is a policy decision to support all languages,
but there should be more awareness of the high cost that this implies.


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