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Re: 4 patches for master (network configuration)


On 08/03/2010 10:56 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
1/4 - support for ipv6 configuration with kickstart network command
2/4 - writing of ipv6 parameters into anaconda-ks.cfg
3/4 - minor fix of loader netconfig UI
4/4 - support for ipv6 configuration in text UI (*sigh*)

Given that these are basically just a port from rhel6-branch, I'm fine
with you committing them to master.  We've got checkbot to catch
whatever typos.  Hans is in charge of f14-branch, so he should weigh in
with whether this should get committed there or not.  I'm included to
commit to f14-branch as well and keep it in sync with master for as long
as is reasonable.

I'm fine with these going into f14-branch, although it may be a good idea
to wait with cherry picking them there till the alpha is out.

Talking about the alpha, do we want to do an f14-alpha branch? Given that
the alpha is coming quite soon it is not worth the trouble IMHO.



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