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Re: A stern warning of things to come

On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 17:33 -0700, J.H. wrote:
> > In theory, such a "push" install can be done by using rpm only:
> > change the --root and --db appropriately, and install the kernel
> > and --aid opensshd.  This will be enough to ssh to the result,
> > then complete the install natively.
> This should work, but this only really solves a very small subset of the
> problem I think Chris is actually trying to shoot for.  As well as only
> solving it for people who have NFS or similar infrastructure in place to
> do the install.  I can't see many people actually doing installs this
> way, outside of insular network installs, and speaking as someone who
> does network installs I'd rather use the pull method of fetching what I
> need vs. having something push the content to the machine.  That's just
> my $0.02 though.

I'll add the same - the push-style installs are only for a very small
number of systems and only in highly controlled environments.

Additionally, using rpm --aid is just a laughably bad idea.


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