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Re: A stern warning of things to come

> The problem is to accomplish all of this the initrd needs to be of a
> certain size, namely that ~100M he suggested.  I mean just adding the
> network stack and a dns resolver adds a non-trivial amount of space in
> the initrd.  12M for just network drivers, another 1M for ipv4/ipv6
> modules, another 100K for libresolv and say another 200K for things like
> nslookup.  That doesn't include anything about the pieces needed to
> initiate http transfers, iscsi, etc or any of the menuing pieces that
> would need to live in there to get it moving.

Think smaller, much smaller.

tomsrtbt [Tom's root and boot] rescue floppy disk did it in 1.44MB
about ten years ago, and that included drivers for a dozen network
interface cards (NIC) of that day.  I still can read my copy,
although I have not booted it for about 5 years.


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