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Re: A stern warning of things to come

On 08/03/2010 07:21 PM, John Reiser wrote:
>> The problem is to accomplish all of this the initrd needs to be of a
>> certain size, namely that ~100M he suggested.  I mean just adding the
>> network stack and a dns resolver adds a non-trivial amount of space in
>> the initrd.  12M for just network drivers, another 1M for ipv4/ipv6
>> modules, another 100K for libresolv and say another 200K for things like
>> nslookup.  That doesn't include anything about the pieces needed to
>> initiate http transfers, iscsi, etc or any of the menuing pieces that
>> would need to live in there to get it moving.
> Think smaller, much smaller.
> tomsrtbt [Tom's root and boot] rescue floppy disk did it in 1.44MB
> about ten years ago, and that included drivers for a dozen network
> interface cards (NIC) of that day.  I still can read my copy,
> although I have not booted it for about 5 years.

Yeah but tomsrtbt doesn't support the list of network cards, and
arguably wifi cards, that currently exist.  While I thoroughly admire
tomsrtbt (and it's still available via boot.kernel.org and pxeknife,
it's a great utility).  It's very limited in what it can do.  I don't
see we can even come close to the 1.44MB size for what Chris is shooting
for.  Even the current netboot images (
) weigh in at 31M, with 28M of that dedicated to the initrd.

I have very rarely even seen a 2.6 kernel that's small enough to fit on
a 1.44M floppy.  The standard Fedora kernel weighs in at 3.3M as is.

How are you suggesting we get this all down smaller?  If you are
shooting for smaller, what are we giving up to get the size down?

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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