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Re: A stern warning of things to come

> Yeah but tomsrtbt doesn't support ...
> It's very limited in what it can do. ...

It ran fdisk and nfs and busybox and a small shell, with drivers for
80% of the network cards and 95% of the harddrives of its day.
That is enough to receive a "push" install.

> How are you suggesting we get this all down smaller?  If you are
> shooting for smaller, what are we giving up to get the size down?

Anaconda already has decided to lop off 4% of the otherwise-eligible
machines because of minimum RAM (512MB).  Why not go whole-hog with
the 80%/20% rule?  The 15 most-popular NICs cover 80% of all boxes;
the next 25 most popular NICs cover 80% of the rest, etc.
The top 5 storage drivers cover 97% of all "harddrives."  20 of the
remaining 500 kernel modules cover 98% of all install-time requirements.
Produce a few (say, 3) "editions" of the installer, of increasing
size (50MB, 125MB, 200MB) and increasing coverage (80%, 96%, 99%).


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