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What to do with lamentable "Network Configuration" button?

These lines are about activating network devices automatically after reboot.
It is a follow-up of James Laska's suggestion on IRC. I wanted to add some
context and ask for your suggestions.

Our present policy is to activate automatically only device used to enable
networking during installation. To change this default behaviour user action
is required - using kickstart network command, or "Configure Network" button
(nm-c-e) in stage 2.

There are bugs for rhel 6.1 and Fedora to reverse the policy (automatically
activate all network devices by defalt after reboot) - the use case behind is
media install without using network. (In rhel 5, in this case network was
enabled after install without any user intervention because there were network
configuration screen with "active on boot" setting prechecked for the first
device). The change of policy has its issues (see [*] for details).

But apart from changing the policy, we can do at least something to improve the experience in the before-mentioned case - James Laska came with an idea to make
"Configure Network" option more visible, enhanced with a suggestion. Here is
what mduffy proposed:


I am all for a comment above the button, only the wording is not suitable for the situation when the network has already been enabled. So I'd propose to have two wordings, depending on the state of the network. If it is not enabled, the suggested wording is ok (maybe hint to check "Connect Automatically" in nm-c-e
can be added).  If it is enabled, I'd  suggest something like:

After booting the installed system, network will be activated with the same
configuration that is used now. You can change the configuration by visiting "Network Connections" dialog on installed system, or immediately by clicking on
"Configure Network" button.



Devices activated automatically after boot have to have ONBOOT="yes" set in
ifcfg file. In nm-c-e - ONBOOT is controlled by "Connect Automatically"

We preset ONBOOT to "no" in loader for all devices. When we enable networking,
we change the value to "yes". In stage 2 it is done by changing the value in
ifcfg file before running nm-c-e.

The problem with setting ONBOOT to "yes" by default is that the setting also
immediately activates the device during install which we probably don't want.
To prevent this we could set it only in ifcfg files of installed system
(in /mnt/sysimage) after package installation - but then we might override
what user had set in "Configure Network".  So this can't be done completely
correctly because configuration of networking for system is done in nm-c-e
operating on ifcfg files of install environment which we then copy to the system (/mnt/sysimage). (Well I consider additional set of checkboxes for system ifcfg
files ONBOOT setting as out of question after we got rid of the similar for
nm-controlled-ness). Maybe moving "Configure Network" to firstboot would be
the best solution.
(IRC: "* jlaska wonders if the nm-connection-editor button would be better
suited as a firstboot plugin")

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