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Re: What to do with lamentable "Network Configuration" button?

On 08/05/2010 03:36 PM, James Laska wrote:
With two wordings, I just worry about having to validate that the
expected wording shows up depending on your boot method (w/ or w/o
networking).  To clarify, when using the 'Configure Network' button,
this configures the network for the install environment *and* the
post-installed system, right?

The point is to configure it for installed system, but as the nm-c-e
is using install environment ifcfg files, the side effect
may be a change of present networking. For example if previously
unchecked "Connect Automatically" is checked, it will bring the
configured device up right away. On the other hand, if the device
was active before change of the configuration in nm-c-e, the changes
will take effect only after networking restart (that is after boot),
which is expected behaviour of nm-c-e as Dan Williams told me.

What about phrasing the text to note that this is for Advanced Network
Configuration?  The text wouldn't changed based on whether networking
was enabled or disabled.  A proposed wording ...

         Some systems may require additional network configuration.  To
         enable or configure networking on your system, please click
         'Configure Network' button below.  You may also configure
         networking after completing the installation by visiting the
         'Network Connections' dialog.

If we go with only one wording, I like this one.

Maybe moving "Configure Network" to firstboot would be
the best solution.
(IRC: "* jlaska wonders if the nm-connection-editor button would be better
suited as a firstboot plugin")
I'm not sure that's the best solution either ... but just threw that out
there for feedback.  I could certainly see this working, just don't know
if this is what others would expect.

         Your system is not configured to access the internet.  To
         configure networking for this system, click on the 'Configure
         Network' button below.  You may also enable networking after
         logging into the desktop and visiting the 'Network Connections'

     [Configure Network]

I agree, it'd be debatable change that I don't see likely to happen any
soon, it just seemed like solution of problems mentioned before
(nm-c-e for configuring post-install networking is working with
anaconda-environment root/ifcfg files) and I wanted to gather some
pro/con comments.

Thanks for your feedback.


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