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Re: [PATCH rhel6-branch master f14-branch] Use full EFI path to map drives for grub (#598572)

On 08/04/2010 09:05 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:
> NOTE: This requires grub-0.97-66 to work correctly.
> On EFI we map the boot drive so that there is no question as to where
> /boot is located. This requires a change in grub to parse the EFI
> device path from the map command.

Okay, so the problem we were seeing yesterday is that installGrub() is getting
called after writeGrubConf(), but writeGrubConf() needs the result of installGrub()
in order to work right here.  I've updated your patch to swap the order of those
on UEFI machines, which is kindof ugly in that it's not really generic, but it
should actually work.

The way to avoid that problem is either a) do our own building of the disk's efi
device path  or b) teach efibootmgr how to show us the device path without changing
or reading the boot order table.  Neither of those seems practical right now.

I'll send an updated patch in response to this message.


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