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Re: A stern warning of things to come

Well, what about making just an "english" install.img with language,
locales, and fonts just for english, but with everything else we need,
like a base system for everyone, and then provide some locales.img,
one for all locales, or more of them, like an "add-on" image,
which will get downloaded only if the user selects some other language?

This still splits the install.img to more files, but I think the split
is more logical, and from the images creating perspective, I think
it would not be a mess to implement.

Maybe we can also move some other stuff to an "add-on" image too.
As I'm doing the imagemaking scripts, I'm always looking for a solution,
that will keep it nice and simple when creating the images. So from my
point of view, it would be best to do the split (if we do it)
based on package selection, as in "put all these packages to one image,
and these packages to other image, but don't mess around with single files".

But this is talking about splitting the image again...


  Martin Gracik

----- "John Reiser" <jreiser bitwagon com> wrote:

> > I understand the problem about the magic growing initrd.  I'm not
> sure
> > how we can address that (especially given our desire to use system
> stuff
> Produce an example that excludes most languages+locales, such as:
>    1) has exactly the six offical languages of the United Nations
>       (Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian and
> Spanish:
>        http://www.un.org/Depts/DGACM/faq_languages.htm)
> or 2) has the only the language+locale of your favorite developer.
> Such an initrd will be about 30% smaller.  Advertise this cost
> of the "all languages" policy.  The result might be support for
> a few editions (say, 4) that are restricted by language+locale
> in order to reduce size.
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