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Re: nfsiso

On Thu, 2010-08-12 at 10:49 -0400, Richard.Johnson wrote:
> Satellite is a bit pricey for the low end.

I did state "SPACEWALK-satellite."  ;)

And I was also talking in the context of the "not Fedora" but
"downstream."  Anaconda changes have far-reaching effects downstream.

> From the customer's perspective:
> - The design should support a single reference to a complete, atomic  
> kit; such as an ISO
> - Managing mount points and making sure they're available when the  
> server boots is a pain.
> - I'd rather see anaconda do the mounting.
> - It's not necessary that the ISO be NFS accessible.  An URL  
> referenced ISO would be a help; let anaconda fetch and mount as  
> necessary.

This requires a greatly increased amount of temporary space and/or
memory, drastically increasing complexity of the solution (i.e., I doubt
the Anaconda developers would want to move in this direction), and
removing some systems from consideration.

NFS is utilized so this is avoided.  NFS offers many advantages in
reducing temporary space and/or memory consumption on the target system.

-- Bryan

P.S.  Side thought I had:  

The system-config-netboot* tools could use a drastic update (or
replacement -- yes, I know about Cobbler), and might relieve the
Anaconda team from having to deal with this, as well as make it the
approach a SOP.  ;)

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