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Multiple yum transactions in kickstart

It would be an *extremely* useful feature of Anaconda to be able to
have multiple yum/rpm transactions in the context of a single
kickstart. I would propose that this be accomplished by having a new
transaction every time you encounter %packages. I know that this
sounds like an oddball request, but let me explain the reasoning.

There are (very often) RPMs that you wish to install at kickstart time
that are not RH/Fedora content that you have no control over. These
third parties may or may not know how to package things and make them
dependency complete for installation at kickstart-time (and assume
that you're going to install them on an already-installed system, for
example), or do completely crazy things, like have %pretrans scripts,
which aren't very useful in the install environment.

I'm not all that familiar with anaconda internals, but this doesn't
sound like major surgery to me - just take the existing code, and wrap
it into something that can be executed multiple times. This behavior
is obviously completely optional, if you only have one %packages
section in your kickstart, it behaves the same way it does today.

Let me know if further detail on the use case is required.

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