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Re: giant initrd.img testing

> -r--r--r--   1 root     root     99158752 Aug 23 14:05 usr/lib/locale/locale-archive 
> This is the biggest file in the initrd.  Nothing else comes close.  What
> can we do about this?  In the past, we've gone back and forth on
> generating it manually vs. using the system one to achieve some savings.
> Given how enormous it is, I think spending some time generating it
> manually is worth it even if we trim the file by half.

I now know how to trim locale-archive down to just what we require in
anaconda, and initial testing indicates a reduction down to 37 MB in
size.  Now I just need to make this work in magic black box upd-instroot
land, which could take a little time.

My target is < 100 MB, and I hope to have this met by tomorrow sometime.
Then we'll really be able to see if this single big image plan is
workable or not.

- Chris

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