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Re: futher adventures in initrd shrinking

I agree, if it's not possible to have just a single initrd, we should split it like this, not the way it's done right now. Maybe we can move something else too, fonts, icons?


  Martin Gracik

----- "Chris Lumens" <clumens redhat com> wrote:

> I may have gotten this idea from someone else, so my apologies if it
> looks like I'm presenting it as my own.  Just speak up and you'll get
> the glory and adulation of the tens that are reading this list.
> As you may know, I am working on converting us from an
> initrd+install.img to one giant initrd containing everything from
> both.
> My baseline of just shoving everything into one image was 172 MB
> compressed.  This is pretty big - it increases memory requirements
> and
> causes a variety of weird lags in bootup.  For just one data point, a
> VM
> here refused to boot the boot.iso with anything less than 1 GB of
> memory.
> After some strategic removals as outlined in a previous mail, I
> reduced
> this image to 131 MB compressed, 386 MB uncompressed.  This is much
> better and is quite a bit smaller than what we have today.  It
> reduced
> my boot.iso memory requirements to 560 MB.  However, it's still not
> close to what I want.  My goal is a 100 MB compressed initrd.
> So it's time to think a little more drastically.  Here it is:  What
> if
> we kicked all translations out of the initrd?
> This further reduces the initrd to 114 MB compressed, 329 MB
> uncompressed.  Check out all those memory savings, plus think about
> how
> much faster downloads will go if doing pxeboot.  As an English
> speaker,
> I can't see how anyone would disapprove of this plan.
> No?  Not my best idea ever?  Well, I'm not advocating removing
> translation support from anaconda.  I just want to move it.  What if
> instead of building in every single translation to one giant file
> that
> everyone has to download, we moved each language into its own
> specific
> support image file?
> This file would basically be another cpio archive containing
> /usr/share/locale/<lang>, perhaps plus some other files as they turn
> up.
> These would be stored in a known location given by .treeinfo, perhaps
> in
> a directory within images/.  Then in loader when you select your
> language, the proper support image is fetched, mounted, and away we
> go.
> For people using boot.iso or the DVD, there would be no downloading -
> this would all just be mounted silently in the background.  For
> pxebooting, it would mean downloading a separate file, but it would
> only
> be the one smaller, specific one so it should save time and
> bandwidth.
> It may sound like this is violating my principle that we should move
> everything needed for installation into one single image to be
> downloaded, but I don't think so.  I think once I get all the
> horrible
> method-specific poking, transferring, and mounting code ripped out,
> adding support for transferring and mounting one single image should
> be
> pretty straightforward.
> Thoughts?
> - Chris
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