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Re: slow yum depsolve

>>>>> "CD" == Curtis Doty <Curtis GreenKey net> writes:

CD> seth CD> Only 2 relatively small disks.
CD> The entire system build takes under 9 minutes. About 2 minutes is
CD> spend actually installing packages, but over 4 minutes is
CD> depsolving.

Do you have any entries prefixed with '-' in your %packages list?
If so, I believe there are two related issues: depsolving of package
lists with exclusions is slow, and depsolving is rerun for every storage
device found in the system (as the drivers for each device are added to
the package list one at a time, with a pass through dependency
resolution at each step).

For me, installing a machine with 12 separate disks (software RAID)
would basically not complete after a day.  Removing the single
"-sendmail" line from my packages list and just removing it in %post
made things work quickly

I believe at least one of the issues is fixed in F14.

 - J<

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