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Re: slow yum depsolve

7:46am Jason L Tibbitts III said:

"CD" == Curtis Doty <Curtis GreenKey net> writes:

CD> seth CD> Only 2 relatively small disks.
CD> The entire system build takes under 9 minutes. About 2 minutes is
CD> spend actually installing packages, but over 4 minutes is
CD> depsolving.

Do you have any entries prefixed with '-' in your %packages list?

Bingo! I removed all package exclusion entries and the postselection step went from almost 5 minutes down to 12 seconds. :-)

I believe at least one of the issues is fixed in F14.

I'll try and setup rawhide for a test there too. I have quite a few package exclusions that I want to exclude from the get-go. Hacking them out after install tends to leave messy unowned-by-rpm junk behind. Plus I run a very tiny local repo for kickstart only that doesn't bother mirroring large default packages in some yum group.

Thanks all!

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