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Appropriate test priority for telnet and cmdline installs


The Fedora QA team has been adjusting our install test priorities for
Fedora 13 to line up with the revised Fedora release criteria [1].  For
a description of how the test priorities are used, see the test plan
[2].  Hurry (rhe) and Liam (lili) have been doing most of the heavy
lifting to reevaluate test priority.  There are a few remaining tests
where the priority is unclear and we could use guidance on.  

The tests include ...


My sense is that QA:Testcase_Anaconda_User_Interface_serial_console is
fairly important and should be a Alpha test priority.  Mostly that our
test automation relies on this behavior, but I suspect so does the virt
team where a graphical console isn't a guarantee. 


As I understand it, the cmdline case is important for platforms that
don't support newt console output (e.g. s390x).  However, it's been
leveraged heavily by test automation as it makes for easier to follow
test logs.  This is a lightweight test for us to continue with, so I'd
be comfortable assigning this a priority of Beta.  Thoughts/concerns?


If you can setup networking to support a telnet install, I assume you
could also use VNC.  Do we still want to target environments that do not
have a VGA on either the installing system, or the remote system?  My
preference would be to stop honoring the 'telnet' boot argument,
otherwise I feel obligated to ensure it works.  How do others feel?


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Release_Criteria

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