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Re: [PATCH] Warn when ignoring BIOS RAID members (#560932)

Thanks for tackling the base InstallInterface class problem.  It's about
time this got looked at.  I have some generic comments:

* Do you have further patches in the works to move methods and
  attributes into InstallInterfaceBase, or do you want the rest of us to
  fill in the blanks as we have time?

* I think this patch supercedes the one I sent earlier about making
  command line mode error out on all unknown method calls, as now we can
  just add stubs to InstallInterfaceBase that do the erroring for us.

* When I was thinking about doing this earlier, I was planning on
  creating an intf/ directory and putting the base class in __init__.py,
  then moving parts of gui.py, text.py, and cmdline.py all in there.

* We've got a trend now of putting more storage-related elements into
  the UI classes (see the new self._warnUnusedRaidMembers).  In my
  opinion, they don't really fit into the UI classes all that well but
  they don't really fit in the storage classes either.  Anything else
  we can come up with here?

- Chris

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