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Re: [PATCH] Introduces metacity window manager (needed for #520146)

> @@ -499,10 +501,22 @@ usr/$LIBDIR/libuser/*
>  usr/$LIBDIR/pango
>  usr/$LIBDIR/python?.?
>  usr/$LIBDIR/rpm/rpmpopt
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libcanberra.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libcanberra-gtk.so*
>  usr/$LIBDIR/libiscsi.so*
>  usr/$LIBDIR/libfreebl3.so
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libmetacity-private.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libogg.so*
>  usr/$LIBDIR/libsoftokn3.so
>  usr/$LIBDIR/libsqlite3.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libtdb.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libtdl.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libstartup-notification-1.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libvorbisfile.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libvorbis.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libxcb-atom.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libxcb-aux.so*
> +usr/$LIBDIR/libxcb-event.so*
>  usr/$LIBDIR/xorg/modules
>  usr/$LIBDIR/libnssdbm3.so
>  usr/$LIBDIR/xserver/SecurityPolicy

If metacity is linked against these, you do not need to explicitly list
them in KEEPFILES.  The calls to instFile at the end of expandPackageSet
in upd-instroot will ensure that all DSO dependencies get pulled in

The only things you may need to add to KEEPFILES are those that metacity
dlopen()s, as our get_dso_deps function cannot detect that situation.

> +echo "Creating default metacity theme"
> +mkdir -p $DEST/usr/share/themes/Atlanta/metacity-1
> +cat > $DEST/usr/share/themes/Atlanta/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml <<EOF
> +<?xml version="1.0"?>
> +<metacity_theme>
> +<info>
> +  <name>Anaconda</name>
> +  <author>Ales Kozumplik &lt;akozumpl redhat com&gt;</author>
> +  <description>Absolutely minimalist theme for the graphical installer.</description>
> +</info>

Is there not a default theme we can make use of?

You'll also want to add a patch to this set that removes mini-wm.c,
removes the associated Makefile bits, and perhaps even removes the
runningMiniWm stuff from gui.py.  I'm even hoping that gui.py:addFrame
can be completely removed or perhaps shrunk down to just the print
screen hook.

Isn't code removal wonderful?

- Chris

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