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Re: metacity (a winning window manager, take two)

> Is this planned for Fedora 13 or 14?  We're about to branch Fedora 13
> away from rawhide, and we're already a week beyond the feature freeze.
> A change of this magnitude really does feel like it runs afoul of the
> feature freeze policy:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Feature_Freeze_Policy
> so if you want it on Fedora 13, you'll have to follow the exception
> process there.

I think this is going to have to be F13.  I'll need this change as well
to continue my work adapting anaconda/python-meh to use report.  Its
window creation does not take anaconda's unique environment into

Considering that anaconda is critical path and is going to have to go
through the new bodhi process anyway, do we really need to also deal with
feature freeze exceptions too?  It's not really a feature, at least not
in the sense of something you'd add to the bullet point list on a box.
It's more like replacing one implementation-specific thing with another
and no one should ever be able to tell the difference.

- Chris

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