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Re: [PATCH] Introduces metacity window manager (needed for #520146)

02/17/2010 04:14 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:

If metacity is linked against these, you do not need to explicitly list
them in KEEPFILES.  The calls to instFile at the end of expandPackageSet
in upd-instroot will ensure that all DSO dependencies get pulled in

The only things you may need to add to KEEPFILES are those that metacity
dlopen()s, as our get_dso_deps function cannot detect that situation.

Okay, but how can I tell which one is which one? ldd?

Is there not a default theme we can make use of?

No, the default themes are Atlanta and Simple and they both draw borders and titles. Empty theme doesn't work, it just displays something similar to Atlanta. I wouldn't put the copyright part in the config file, but metacity won't load it then. Same with date.

You'll also want to add a patch to this set that removes mini-wm.c,
removes the associated Makefile bits, and perhaps even removes the
runningMiniWm stuff from gui.py.

Yeah, I plan to do that. Okay if it's a separate patch?

I'm even hoping that gui.py:addFrame
can be completely removed or perhaps shrunk down to just the print
screen hook.

Ah, I was looking for that method! But if we decide not to draw the frame in gtk then we actually need a metacity theme to do that. The nice thing about the current no-borders-theme is that we don't need to treat the main anaconda window in any special way (like setting it fullscreen). Do we want to do that and do we want to do that now?


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