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Re: metacity, take three

On 02/18/2010 08:47 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
Why does the titlebar show the 'down' icon: metacity looks for the
configuration of buttons to display at the top of the window into
gconf. This is failing, and apparently the down icon is the default.
I still have to figure out if its just the gconf XMLs missing or
whether the daemon doesn't work at all (I would guess it's the
latter). Alternatively we might also provide our own theme that
disables all the titlebar icons. I however think that once artwork
people find out they can theme anaconda they will want to use
whatever is the gnome default and then we either need to find a way
of disabling the titlebar buttons (through gconf if we can make it
work) or learn to live with them.

Do we need to have gconfd running for these things to work?  Because
right now, it's not running.

- Chris

I thought I saw it running on compose from 0211. Perhaps it got broken recently?? Anyway --- I understand that there are several channels an app can get its gconf values, but all of them involve the daemon. Radek was nice and volunteered to look into it now. But there are defoinitely some issues with the gconf as we have it now.


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