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nm-c-e integration take II - now with metacity!

Patches are for master, 13.27

Patches [1/7] [2/7] [3/7] integrate nm-connection-editor into stage2
an UI.

[4/7], [5/7], [6/7] are Ales's patches including metacity taken from
devel-list and applied to master (I need to do testing composes there)
and my patches. (Sorry for the wrong Author:ship that happen in my merge)

[7/7] Solves most of gconf issues in Fedora, but our modification
of metacity scheme via gconf has still to be worked out.

Here are images to taste -

if you play with them you can see some issues:

* nm-c-e window is added as blocking which in combination
with metacity enabling moving of blocking windows (e.g. device
discovery) reveals that we are running in single thread -
background anaconda window is not repainted. I'd use some simpler
non-movable widget for waiting windows, but for nm-c-e we'll
probably need to run it non-blocking from anaconda 

* Also focus issues are apparent with nm-connection-editor
when you click on anaconda window (similar to what Martin Gracik
was solving for firstboot I think).


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