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Re: [rhel6-branch] add images-xen section to .treeinfo


Does this mean, that even if we have just one normal kernel (not xen, not PAE), we need to add the [images-xen] part, with paths to the normal kernel?
So we end up with one vmlinuz, and initrd.img, but we will have both [images-$arch] and [images-xen] sections in .treeinfo, both pointing to vmlinuz and initrd.img.
Do I understand this correctly? This is for x86 only, or for everything?


  Martin Gracik

----- "David Cantrell" <dcantrell redhat com> wrote:

> Revert original attempt and come up with a new patch.  Get rid of the
> $kernelxen variable.  Introduce a $xen variable that defaults to
> "no",
> set it to "yes" and then use it conditionally in the mk-images.$ARCH
> script.
> I did a scratch build of anaconda with these two patches and had
> dgregor
> do a test tree compose.  Trees are generated correctly and .treeinfo
> contains the [images-xen] section.
> virt-install on older RHEL releases looks for [images-xen] if you are
> trying to install from media, so even though we don't have a special
> Xen kernel package anymore, we still need to provide this section in
> the .treeinfo file.
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