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Re: [PATCH][rhel6-branch] Filtering mpath and fwraid devices (#596468)


The entire set looks good, ack.

One question though why the:

Addition in the first patch? I assume this is for going
back to the filter UI from later screens? A comment explaining
this would be good, and this belongs in a separate patch IMHO.

Also in the last patch the pydoc string for udev_device_is_dm_mpath
needs fixing.



On 07/15/2010 08:51 PM, David Lehman wrote:
This set is only for rhel6-branch -- I have a slightly more expansive set
in the works for rawhide.

This fixes a couple of issues with filtering of mpath and fwraid devices.
It also introduces udev functions to diffentiate various types of device-
mapper devices, which will be put to better use in the rawhide version of
this set.

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