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[PATCH master] Networking UI - integration of NM Applet

Hi list,

this is another take on network enablement/configuration UI in anaconda.
It follows first take:
the point of which was to offer functionality that NetworkManager Applet
does in desktop environment - overview of available devices, its
status, available APs for wireless, activate/disconnect device controls.

It turned out to be quite a lot of UI, so in this patchset I tried to integrate
NetworkManager Applet itself. The applet requires a panel (freedesktop.org
systray to be precise) to run. I used lightweight fbpanel (gnome-panel would
pull a lot of stuff in).

Here are examples of what I was able to achieve with the patches:

Network enablement for network repository:

Network enablement for iSCSI device:

Notes and things to consider:

- The hostname screen (http://rvykydal.fedorapeople.org/hostname-screen.png)
  could be updated with information/suggestion about network
  configuration and its particularities (e.g. it is common for installer
  environment and target system, suggestions about post-boot automatic
  device bringup, etc.). The (hard-to-notice) Configure Network button is

- The panel could be used for other stuff too. (Just out of interest,
  I put there cpu and network monitoring plugins to watch, unfortunately
  memory usage plugin didn't work for me)

- In this version the applet is accessible from the beginning - before
  storage configuration, so the FCoE devices aren't filtered-out (by
  setting NM_CONTROLLED=no by anaconda) for the applet.

- fbpanel is not a part of rhel 6.

- The growth of packed initrd img is less than 450 KB (including docs, man
  pages, and some other stuff that would be removed by buildinstall/

- Layout of the panel is to be UI-experted. Also panel start-up is not
  smoothest in this version:

- Nice amount of code is removed from anaconda, and special handling of ONBOOT
  ifcfg setting which used to be needed to activate/deactivate devices,
  and caused quite a lot of problems due to this overoload, is gone.


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