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Re: [master 2/2] logging: be smarter logging UI module import errors.

> The reversed traceback: well I'd need to (try to) instantiate
> meh.dump.ReverseExceptionDump (or duplicate the code in it) to mimic
> the format precisely, which I'd rather not (especially the code
> duplication). I always assumed the only reason we do the reverse
> traceback in dumps is "because we can", although Martin Sivak just
> told me it could be because in some cases the traceback can be cut
> off in the end and then we'd miss the important bits.

The reason we reverse the tracebacks is so that when people post a
single screenshot or something, then we will at least have the most
specific part of the traceback.

> Anyway: is the reversed traceback really more readable for you (or
> anyone)? Perhaps it is even the time to move away from it and have
> it the same way Python has it naturally.

>From a consistency perspective, it would be nice to have.  I wouldn't
spend too much time on it if you have more important things to do,

- Chris

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