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Re: new iSCSI text UI (#469382, #607827)

On 10/08/2010 04:19 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
I said that to Ales during lunch, but just for the record. The tui looks good, but I'm afraid it could be seen as an attempt to resurrect old text mode which we decided to strip of all fancy stuff in favour of VNC.

But iSCSI drives might be necessary to initialize there, so I'm not against it if there is a strong justification for it.

Agreed - it's good to be vigilant on this stuff so text mode doesn't
creep back in over time.  I'm willing to accept this patch set, though,
since we already have the "Add Drive" dialogs in text mode so you can do
autopartitioning on whatever fancy drives you may have.
I don't think we want to go any farther than this, though.

I'm not planning that, this patchset is only because the iSCSI TUI was there before, it was complained about in its form and now it would even be inconsistent (we could no longer pretend we don't realize the difference between discovery and login credentials).

Anyway, I haven't reviewed the patches but will do so later.



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