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Re: [PATCHES] - one image to rule them all

On 10/13/2010 08:11 AM, Chris Lumens wrote:
> I was not able to split languages out into their own support packages, though.
> The reason for this is that if you boot off a boot.iso without "askmethod" or
> "repo=", we default to the Fedora mirror list.

A specific hardwired location might be OK for retrieving [say] 1MB of language-
specific data per install.

>                                                 But we don't know what that is
> until way later in anaconda itself, and that's too late to fetch the language
> support.  We may also need to bring up the network to fetch it, which means
> prompting in the user's language.

In my book such localization is a "[very] nice to have", but not a requirement.
The reason is the cost: many megabytes.  Anaconda should quantify this cost
numerically, so that those who insist on localization can pay knowingly
for that preference.


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