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Re: [PATCHES] - one image to rule them all

On 10/13/2010 05:11 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
At long last, here is my patch series to get rid of install.img and merge its
contents into the initrd.  Yes, this does increase the initrd's size by quite
a bit.  But it also means that however the system is booted, we are guaranteed
to have all parts of the installation environment.  It gets rid of the
obnoxious stage2= parameter that no one ever should have known about.  It
greatly simplifies the code for deciding what parameters mean what in loader.
It gets rid of lochangefd.  It allows me to consider what from loader can move
into anaconda proper, and perhaps if loader can even die.  It gets rid of that
/usr/bin vs. /bin garbage.  It makes "askmethod" and "repo=" mean what they
should have meant all along - where the packages are.

I was not able to split languages out into their own support packages, though.
The reason for this is that if you boot off a boot.iso without "askmethod" or
"repo=", we default to the Fedora mirror list.  But we don't know what that is
until way later in anaconda itself, and that's too late to fetch the language
support.  We may also need to bring up the network to fetch it, which means
prompting in the user's language.

- Chris

Acks without further comments from me:

[PATCH 16/29] urlinstTransfer and support functions do not operate on iurlinfo anymore.
Re: [PATCH 17/29] Rework how loading images works for URL installs.
[PATCH 18/29] Remove the unused mountUrlImage function.
[PATCH 19/29] Initialize loaderData->method.
[PATCH 20/29] Remove the unused iurlinfo, urlInstallData, and fix up URL kickstarts.
[PATCH 21/29] Rework how image loading works for NFS installs.
[PATCH 23/29] Rework how image loading works for HD installs.
[PATCH 24/29] Use parseDeviceAndDir instead of reimplementing the same things two more times.
[PATCH 25/29] Remove a bunch of unused support functions.
[PATCH 26/29] Also rework image loading for CD/DVD installs.
[PATCH 27/29] We no longer need to copy the install.img over and lochangefd to it.
[PATCH 28/29] Don't prompt for kbd, lang,	or network on CD/DVD installs.

Note I did a high-level review, only looking at the details where, well, I understood them. We are certain to see bugs and problems with it, but the set shows well why this is the way forward wit all the minus signs. Shouldn't we be able to write loader in python now (if not even get rid of it completely)?

I am in favor of pushing this as soon as it's tested and won't stop us from using rawhide for a few weeks completely.


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