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Re: Nightly branched images retrospective

> So for a couple releases now we've only done nightly images (boot.iso,
> et al) from the Branched repo, as opposed to rawhide.  We've also only
> composed those from the things marked "stable" in bodhi.  My question is
> has this been helpful, hurtful, indifferent, etc to the anaconda team
> (and I'll pose the same thing to QA team soon)?

This has not affected me as much as I first thought it would.  We have a
little script on cutlet that generates new rawhide trees whenever it
notices a new anaconda build.  So for those of us aboard the anaconda
mothership in Westford, it's like nothing's changed.  For some of the
out-of-tree craziness I've done (like this one image stuff), it's also
easy enough for me to run pungi.

I imagine people in other offices or remote have similar setups.  I
suppose the fact that various groups have had to set up the same sort of
thing says something.

> Going further from the above, do you think it's "right" or "best" to be
> creating these images from only the stable content, or should we be
> producing these from the content in updates-testing (to facilitate
> easier testing and karma production, at the expense of potentially less
> stable images)?

I think there's value in creating images from updates-testing.  At the
least, this would give us a heads up on what destabilizing API changes
are coming at us in the near future.

- Chris

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