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Re: [Fwd: [Fedora QA] #135: Proposed Test Day - TOPIC How about a consideration of the dual boot issues from Fedora 13?]

>      2. What areas of the installer are impacted by the presence of
>         other operating systems (installing bootloader, partition
>         detection/selection, partition types (ntfs, xfs...) etc...)?

Bug 585027 - partition type 0xbf considered as swap

blkid says, "I don't care about partition IDs.  I just care about 'actual'
contents.  If there are 10 bytes 'SWAPSPACE2' in a certain place,
then by golly that's what it is, regardless of anything else."

anaconda believes what blkid says, even though partition type 0xbf
is a more-global typing which indicates "OpenSolaris-and-not-swap".
Anaconda should believe this more-global typing first.  blkid is
unreliable because blkid does not consider that OpenSolaris has
do-not-care areas within partition type 0xbf.

[The suggested workaround wipefs is dangerous because the documentation
does not say exactly what is changed and what is not changed.  Applying
wipefs after having installed OpenSolaris might be a disaster.]


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