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proposal: anaconda networking UI change

Hi list,

I've got some (very welcomed!) remarks and ideas on network configuration UI in Anaconda from James Laska, plus couple of tricky bugs, which made me to suggest
this change of networking UI.


WARNING: The UI is still ugly, it has to be polished and reworded, its the
elements and flow, not the layout, what is important for me at this point. The
layout and functionality should be the same for network screen and for
enablement dialog.

(Please ignore "activate on boot" checkbox behavior in the screenshot. It is
not implemented yet. Also the order of devices.)

Configuration + wifi:


Why (I imagine: isn't that too much of UI)?

I don't think so, anyways what drove me this way were limitations of using
nm-c-e (which fits into desktop, combined with systray applet) in installer
UI, and less the desire to offer enough options to user.

* "active" checkbox:

It addresses bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=504983 - once a
device was up it couldn't be reconfigured, typical case is wrong static
configuration. Hence the "active" checkboxes that can be used to bring device
down and up with new configuration (this has to be handled out of nm-c-e).
Well, something is still missing: user is *not* offered enablement dialog if
wrong static configuration is active (iscsi UI, network repos UI). To fix this
we could:

1) Add [Configure Network] button for invoking the dialog to relevant places
(advanced storage screen, repo UI screen).

2) Have a hotkey to invoke the dialog - I like this, but we must be careful
with network storage devices.

3) If we had any step-persistent piece of UI (like systray in desktop) we could
have icon there.

* "activate on boot" checkbox:

It deals with bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=498207 - Device is not activated automatically after reboot for media installs. I added another checkbox "activate on boot" for it. Although there is "Connect Automatically" checkbox in nm-c-e to achieve this by setting ONBOOT ifcfg value, we can't use it reasonably in installer (as opposed to desktop) because here ONBOOT is used to bring devices up/down (and checking the nm-c-e checkbox can bring the device up as a side effect). Also with the new "activate on boot" checkbox on network
screen it is clear what our default is (currently it is quite unloved "no").

* moreover:

The whole option of network configuration is more noticeable on the network

Also it makes it easier to enable additional devices (for example another
device for iscsi).

I can post patches too. The +/- ratio is aprx 1.

Other ideas going too far:
- Add "Rescan access points" button.
- Add "Check connection" button.


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