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Re: proposal: anaconda networking UI change

On 10/20/2010 08:24 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:

On the page where we now launch the NM editor we probably need a summary
of what's been activated that also shows what will happen on boot. A
listing of all the possible devices will just be a duplication of the
network manager stuff.

We need to be able to activate/disconnect any device to
apply new configuration set in nm-c-e. Basically to do what
NetworManager Applet does on desktop. That is why I am
adding the list of devices with checkboxes for (de)activation.

I don't think we need to add a panel, that's going to take away from the
flow of anaconda and possibly introduce lots of asynchronous places for
users to go and change things unexpectedly (ala liveCD style).

Maybe the NM applet could reside on installation screen
in the similar way as [back] and [next] buttons.
And yes, adding a panel, even the applet can have issues
due to its asynchronousnes, but the benefits can be significant.


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