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lang-table and required locales


I'm trying to simplify the removing of not required locales in our initrd.img.
In the old buildinstall scripts there's a bunch of not pretty lines doing a lot of parsing to accomplish this.

What I tried in lorax is just taking the values of the 2nd column in our lang-table file, and removing locales which we don't have there.
Then after comparing my results to the ones from buildinstall, the only locales directory I'm missing is bn_IN.
After looking at the lang-table contents, I found out, that there are two different Bengali lines, but both have the value "bn" in the 2nd column.

Bengali	bn	none	bn_BD.UTF-8	us	Asia/Dhaka
Bengali(India)	bn	none	bn_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Kolkata

Could the 2nd column value for the Bengali(India) be changed to "bn_IN"? Is there a reason why we have bn for both, or is that there by mistake?


  Martin Gracik

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