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Re: [PATCH] - get rid of split media

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On 10/27/2010 6:27 PM, Connie Sieh wrote:
> But if you do not have all the rpms on multiple DVD's then is is
> imcomplete distribution method. If one wants all of Fedora or
> RHEL then having all of the rpms on multiple DVD's is easier to
> obtain than mirroring. In the case of RHEL there is no mirroring
> thus multiple DVD's are required.
I'll throw my 2 cents in here.

I currently  need to have distributions available as ISO's to burn,
and as NFS (or HTTP) shares for network installs. In order to save
disk space, I currently only store the ISO's, and then loop-back mount
them to share their contents.

This makes multi-ISO releases (that need to be merged) a pain. It
forces me to copy out (unless the extra media can just be mounted
inside or beside the first?) the contents and use twice the disk
space. So I really prefer a single ISO.

But at the same time, I need to have a full mirror of everything
local. 'Spins' (unless I don't understand them?) won't really work for
me (seems like a lot of Duplication inf the ISO's? - If I have a full
set of the RPMs, can't spins be just a package lists?)

I'm not sure what the solution is really. I can mount a single ISO no
matter how big it gets, but if it's bigger than I can burn then I'm
back in the situation of needing a second (mostly the same) ISO to
burn for people.

Maybe mulitple ~4.3GB ISO's is a better solution, as long as one can
just mount discs 2, 3, etc. inside disc 1.

> -Connie Sieh
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