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Re: [PATCH] - get rid of split media

On Thu, 28 Oct 2010, Chris Lumens wrote:

Ok just to clarify.. I know that this change will not affect CentOS
4.9, 5.[6-9] or 6.X.. but would only affect 7.X but will this affect
RHEL7 if it turns out to need multi-ISO or do we want to wait til

This change will only affect F15 and any distributions derived from it
or later Fedora releases.  So, no RHEL [456].x.

So what about RHEL 7 .

There were conversations on the rhelv6-beta-list that if wants to know the future of RHEL then one needs to watch Fedora. These conversations started because users of the RHEL 6 beta were "surprised" about this feature or that feature. RedHat employees said to watch Fedora .

-Connie Sieh

- Chris

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