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iSCSI GUI patches


I started to learn about iSCSI by diving into the two GUI bugs I have at the moment and the large patch is the result. I redesigned the iSCSI dialog and separated it into four steps:

1) do the discovery: enter target's IP and choose how many credentials you supply and supply them:

2) select which of the discovered nodes you want to log into

3) do the login: choose how many login credentials you'll supply and write them or reuse the discovery credentials

4) result dialog is displayed telling you which nodes you manged to log into which nodes you failed to log into plus reason why. If there were failures there's also a button to go back to step 2.

I had to create two new functions in iscsi.py that duplicate existing functionality there, so a another refactoring patch will follow. I'll also have to do something similar for the text UI I think. All in all this is rawhide-only material as well as all the other patches except "iscsi: rename variable in addIscsiDrive" which is a regular traceback and should go to F14.

Comments welcome.

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