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new wiki page - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Changes

Please check out the above wiki page.

What I'm hoping to do with this is get a serious jump on documentation
for future releases, head off bug reports, and increase visibility of
all the work we've done.

I've gone through the %changelog for 14.0 to 15.0 and summarized all my
most important stuff on that page.  I've also summarized some stuff
that other people did, too.  If everyone else could please find a couple
minutes in their otherwise busy day to look through the changelogs for
their stuff and add it, that would be very helpful.

Here are some general rules:

* Don't mention bug reports.  I'm interested in real behavioral changes,
not the everyday stuff we do.

* Only mention the important stuff.  If a button label changed or a new
thing gets written out to anaconda-ks.cfg, that's probably not worth
mentioning here.  The point is to not overwhelm people with so much
information that they don't read it.

* Keep it short.

* Please try to keep things alphabetized.

* If there's a wiki page that better explains what you're talking about,
refer to it like I already have for several things.

* In particular, I skipped over the s390, network, and fcoe/iscsi stuff
since there were so very many changes and I can't follow them all.  If
you did this stuff, please consider what needs to be summarized.

* We should try to keep this up-to-date.  My general rule was going to
be to wait several builds, then skim through the spec file changelog.
Note that each release mentions what it's current through.

After we get this into shape, I'm also going to go through and modify
several other wiki pages that have gotten way out of date.  One of the
most critical is the Anaconda/Features page.  Then I'd like to start
getting some publicity around this stuff to show off that we're not
completely reactionary and do actually come up with new things when we

Any questions?

- Chris

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