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Re: [master] updated Size class

On 09/10/2010 10:10 PM, dcantrell redhat com wrote:
Here is an update to my proposed Size class, incorporating the
feedback I got from bcl, akozumpl, and clumens.

* The class now inherits Decimal, so it can be used like a
   Decimal object for calculations.

* Because Decimal is immutable, it uses __new__ in place of
   __init__, so I had to move some of the static data and the
   _parseSpec() and _makeSpecs() functions to the module level.

* I wrapped the prefix names and abbreviations in _() so we can
   handle translations, but there are still some open questions
   here.  For example, this makes it easier for us to handle
   outputting the humanReadable() string for the correct locale,
   but what about _parseSpec()?  Do we want to allow entry using
   Arabic abbreviations when set to the Japanese locale?  I'm
   not too worried about this right now.

* Handle both singular and plural forms of the unit specifier.

* Renamed SizePositiveError to SizeNotPositiveError because we
   don't want to allow sizes<= 0.

Ack to all.


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