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Re: iSCSI GUI patches

Hi Chris,

comments inlined, new set of pics:

Thanks for the tips BTW, unified UI would be great. Some kind of 'cascading style sheets' for glade though could be useful so things like shadow style or padding in vboxes can be set in one place for all dialogs.

On 09/10/2010 05:21 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
* I suggest some empty space here.  Put some space above and below the table
to separate out UI elements a little bit.

Added 10px padding to all the tables.

* On tables I prefer to left-justify the labels in the left column and allow
the right column to expand so the entries are much larger.  After all, the
initiator name could be pretty long so there should be plenty of space to see

Did it. It still doesn't create much more space for the text inputs as the whole dialog got narrower due to shorter "Select kind.." sentence.

* I think the wording of "Select the kind of iSCSI auth..." is a bit
long and awkward.  Can you shorten this up while retaining the point of

Okay, try two: let's not explicitly tell him to provide the credentials, that's implied after he chooses he's going to provide them.

If you have something concrete in mind, tell me!

* Don't we usually put the Cancel button on the left and the OK button
on the right?


2) select which of the discovered nodes you want to log into

* I like the use of the Select All button here.  I just wish we could
make them more obvious.

Yeah, maybe have someone create a nice icon with a ticked square? Or can we somehow pull it from a GTK theme?

* I was going to say this seems redundant with the first dialog, but it
appears there's both discovery credentials and login credentials.
Yuck.  Can you make this distinction a little more clear?

Yeah, they're different. I used emphasized text, fortunately the iscsi people seem to be expecting this.

* Why is this header bolded but none of the others were?

Removed markup.

* I prefer to put an inset border on those results panels.  It offsets
them a little from their surroundings.  At the least, we do this pretty
much everywhere else in anaconda so you should do it here too for

Right, it's using 'shadow in' shadow now.


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