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lorax "treebuilder" branch for F16?

Hey everyone,

I think we should move to building images with split initramfs/runtime
again[1]. I've been working on that in the "treebuilder" branch of
lorax. It's building working rawhide images for x86 and ppc already. 

The "treebuilder" branch of lorax is a pretty big departure from current
lorax master. It's possible that it should be a different major version,
or even a forked project[2]..

Anyway the highlight of this branch is the templating language, which
has been greatly expanded; the entire image creation process has
basically been rewritten in lorax templates. In my opinion the image
creation process is *much* easier to understand (and modify) this way.

It also adds an image creation library and a new "mkefiboot" command to
make the EFI boot images.

The current diffstat from master is:
 26 files changed, 1929 insertions(+), 3876 deletions(-)
so it's ~2000 lines shorter, but still does everything it did before.

I'd really like to see if we can get this switched over for F16 Beta;
what do you all think?


[1] Some reasons for using split images:
* It's what the users are used to
* It saves RAM when booting from media
* We can't make netbootable PPC images otherwise
* We can combine split images, but we can't split combined images

[2] Especially since I think it's really silly how much is duplicated
between lorax and pungi; it might make sense to merge pungi into the
treebuilder code and just call it an entirely new thing..

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