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Re: lorax "treebuilder" branch for F16?

On 08/02/2011 12:49 PM, John Reiser wrote:
Furthermore, it's moving a lot of gnarly C code that we'd had to
maintain ourselves for the past 5-10  years (?!) upstream, into dracut.

Deleting gnarly code certainly is good.  Merely moving it "upstream"
might just hand the problems to someone unfamiliar with them,
and jnecessitate more time for over-all improvement.

The expectation here is still that we'd be maintaining it, just in a different,
more palatable code tree.

      I posted this to anaconda-devel-list because I'm looking for
technical advice/opinions from anaconda developers.

I consider it to be a technical fault that F-15 did not announce the
larger RAM requirements for install from DVD until shortly before
final release.  Five months of lead time after a technical change
(the need for larger RAM arose by January when initrds were combined)
produced unintended consequences for users.  Five weeks?

Cool story.


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