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Re: [master] Avoid final hang if no reboot action is specified in kickstart.

On 08/08/2011 04:52 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
diff --git a/anaconda b/anaconda
index a3a1172..6ca3391 100755
--- a/anaconda
+++ b/anaconda
@@ -793,7 +793,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
              os.system("systemctl --force --no-wall poweroff")
          elif anaconda.ksdata.reboot.action == KS_WAIT:
              os.system("systemctl --force --no-wall halt")
-        elif anaconda.ksdata.reboot.action == KS_REBOOT:
+        else: # reboot action is KS_REBOOT or None
              os.system("systemctl --force --no-wall reboot")
      elif not flags.livecdInstall and not flags.imageInstall:
          os.system("systemctl --force --no-wall reboot")

Hm, I'm undecided whether it's better to do this or make it so there's
always a ksdata.reboot.action set.

First I was thinking:

--- a/pykickstart/commands/reboot.py
+++ b/pykickstart/commands/reboot.py
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ class FC3_Reboot(KickstartCommand):

     def __init__(self, writePriority=0, *args, **kwargs):
         KickstartCommand.__init__(self, writePriority, *args, **kwargs)
-        self.action = kwargs.get("action", None)
+        self.action = kwargs.get("action", KS_REBOOT)

     def __str__(self):
         retval = KickstartCommand.__str__(self)

But then the next kickstart we would spew would have "reboot" and that means the final screen is not displayed and the system is directly rebooted because step "complete" is skipped (i.e. a different behavior). So that would break idempotence.


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