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Re: F16+ stage2 vs. network setup and driver discs

On 08/10/2011 03:43 AM, Martin Sivak wrote:
with the plans to remove text UI/loader and split the images in two again I was wondering who will do the "stage2" fetching?


Because if it is loader (or any new flavour of it..) we will still get what we have now (language, keyboard, drivers, network,  stage2). If we do that graphical, we will have a big initrd (Q/A text mode might actually work for people).

If we plan on using dracut to do that, how are we going to support network configuration and new hardware to the extent we do now? Is it possible to integrate some setup and driver disc app right before dracut starts with networking?

We need to keep support for configuring stuff like iBFT or new drivers (including network ones) from all possible sources because of RHEL..

Whatever we can move in to dracut modules will help us in the long run. If driver disk support can be entirely implemented as a dracut module, I say that's a win.

dracut does support network configuration.

Where we get in to a difficult area is handling instances where we need to be interactive. dracut, to my knowledge, doesn't really do that now. I don't think there's anything preventing a dracut module from being interactive, but it would have to be along the lines of a shell script prompting the user for data rather than newt windows like we have now in loader.

I think the more we can eliminate the interactive steps in loader, the better we will be. So for each thing we need to implement in the new two image system, we should seriously consider whether or not it needs to be interactive. If it does, would dracut still be sufficient.

David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Supervisor, Installer Engineering Team
Red Hat, Inc. | Westford, MA | EST5EDT

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